Sound & Communications Report – August 2022

Our Sound and Communications Unit has been generously growing in membership. We are close to reaching the 1,000-member mark which means there is more need for participation and volunteer work within our Sound unit. Many have taken an interest in getting involved and pursuing some sort of activism. In January and June of this year, we had elections for the Welfare Committee, Sound Unit and Executive Committee. 

I would like to introduce to you those who volunteered and were elected to represent this fast-growing Unit. Please welcome the following:

Sound and Communications Unit
Chair – Byron Herrera
Vice Chair – Daniel Carrera
Recording Secretary – Harver Gonzalez

Welfare Committee
Chair – Citlali Castillo
Vice Chair – Paris Taylor
Treasurer – Troy Schaller
Recording Secretary – Donna Becerra
Committee Member – Orlando Hernandez
Committee Member – Albert Martinez
Committee Member – Felix Yll

Executive Committee
Chair – Gori Urling
Recording Secretary – Irene Valenzuela
Committee Member – Jeff Langendorf
Committee Member – Norma Lopez
Committee Member – Anthony Mitchell
Committee Member – Omar Velasco

 If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with the growth of our organization by taking part in the many facets of participation such as political activism, food banking, community service etc., please contact me.

Be well and stay safe.

Christine Austria-Lozoya 
(626) 437-1955 

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