Sound & Communications – December Report

OMG, what a year. What a relief to know that we are part of a union, the IBEW. We build what others can only marvel at. Our numbers are growing and our percentage of the work in Los Angeles is growing with that reality. We must continue training, growing our membership, and participating in our union.

If we expect to be considered in the building of our union, we might start with being more active in union events. All our Sound & Communications Unit members should be getting the invitations for the Informational Meetings, General and Unit, on a monthly basis.

There are also District Meetings. You probably live in one of the six districts of Los Angeles County. A map of the District divisions of L.A. County can be found on the Local 11 website homepage. If you click on that slider, you will get information regarding the Inside Wiremen’s Agent for that area. From time to time, these Agents hold food drives to help the less fortunate in their area, holiday events, and gatherings to celebrate the union way of life. In the future we plan to have the District/Unit Zoom invites on the website making it easier for all to access. It is amazing what can be learned from some of the “old timers.”

Our numbers on the Out of Work books is growing as is typical for the winter months. We are also seeing a few members coming back from the COVID-19 “recess.” There are many jobs in the “queue.” and we are expecting another year of growth for our industry.

Remember to watch out for your Sisters and Brothers, work safely, follow all health protocols. The future is bright. Stick around and enjoy it.

Work Safe, Play Safe.

Chuck Webb

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