District 6 Report — August 2022

It’s been a hot long summer between job walks, pre-job conferences, political events, unit welfare issues, the Local 11 picnic, PLA support and the L.A. Fed interest which include the IBEW. It’s time for election endorsements, and we must do our best to protect our investments.

This is a list of jobs I’ve walked these last few weeks. I have met new members and discussed concerns and issues that affect our members. The list includes Mt. San Antonio College with CSI and Daniels as well as M. Wilson. Giant Electric is also in the mix. Whittier Aquatic Center with H&S, Baker, Whittier School District with three schools DC Integrated.

The Mass Foothill Transit Gold Line project continues with composite crews at work. Pomona DSE, Pasadena CSI Xencore job, City of Hope, CSI is again in our backyard which is good to see. There is also the El Monte Walton residential project, the Irwindale Brewery with J/P Johnson Peltier, Carrol and CLE. We also have the El Monte School District work, the Legacy 1 job with Morrow Meadows in Azusa. A/M Elect is completing Ledesma High School in El Monte and Golden Sierra El Monte School District. I’m glad that the La Puente residential job with Walton Electric is taking place and they could use good help. And there’s Wedgeworth Elementary School, Leffingwell Elementary School with Red Wave in the city of Whittier. There will be more jobs to walk soon. If you have any concerns with a job in D6, I urge you to contact me to find a solution or remedy.

Pre-jobs that I’ve participated in and claimed electrical and low voltage work include Rancho Los Amigos Downey, La Mirada football stadium and two buildings, Mt. San Antonio College lot and sand volleyball facility, the Whittier Aquatic Center and the El Monte Golden Phoenix. This is how we fight for the work we should be performing out in the field.

 We also have political events coming up that will need volunteers to help get our endorsed candidates into office to fight for our priorities. That agenda is the future of our trade including EV Infrastructure and PLAs so union work stays in our community. There will be opportunities to do cold calls and pass out handouts. This is good practice for speaking one on one to strangers in your community. Canvassing and grass root campaign are how we win. Local 11 is the spearhead of politics amongst the skilled trades. Contact me if you want to help our labor movement!

The picnic was a big success and we thank all who helped and participated! Families and friends joined in on all the raffles and games, tournaments, arts and crafts, cigar lounge (thanks, Mario!) More than 3,000 attended which was the most who have ever participated in the history of the event!

Our D6 Welfare Committee earned over $3,000, and I’d like to give a very special shout out to those that worked the booth! Gracias and thanks for your dedication and for answering the call. We far exceeded our expectations. Our D6 welfare committee has helped more needy members this past few months than ever before! We are receiving two more display cases for our hall and are working on a new design. Thanks, Jackie, for pushing for the card readers which we can now use for transactions. It helps us move forward to a new day and age.  

Muchas Gracias to all who support us here at D6. Being your D6 Business Agent has been my greatest privilege. I am humbled. My work means long hours and extended time away from my family, but I love my job and I Love my union!

Jacob Troncoza
Business Representative
District 6

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