District 5 Report — October 2022

A tip of the hat, my Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank so many volunteers who have helped me, District 5 and Local 11. Whether they are members or not, these people sacrifice their time and energy to help this great union in all its endeavors. It can be helping at our picnics, holiday party, political events like precinct walking, hand billing, phone banking, refreshments, attending City Council, Planning Commission, Water Board or School Board meetings, all in the name of IBEW Local 11. It’s members like these that keep this union strong!

Thank you to Alfredo Torres, Steve Joyner, Miguel Sanchez, Mike Kaminski, King Moore, Dion Jensen, Ron Dreiling, Loretta Dreiling, Chris Bonfilio, Monroe Quarles, Jacqueline Torres, Alexis Joyner, Leigha Joyner, Beto Gonzalez, Sharon Gonzales, Emily Gonzales, Leslie Gonzales, Mario Gonzales, Alton Wilkerson, Ben Frank, Kris Mendoza, Noel Mendoza, Romeo Gonzalez, Maurice Washington, Ignacio Mendoza, Andy Rosete, Dalton Yong, Peter Sisson, and Brian Little. There are so many members who have stepped up so if I have left anyone out, my deepest apologies.

Don’t forget that our Unit 5 meetings are the second Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. If you have not paid your deposit for the upcoming LAQSP class, please do so. We are trying to pin down a date and complete this class. Thank you again everyone for your hard work and participation.

Have a great and safe Halloween!

God bless!

Mitch Klein

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