District 5 Report — August 2022

Hello, my Brothers and Sisters,

As we come to the end of summer, we continue to work with several of our contractors at Antelope Valley College, several Kaiser facilities, Palmdale School District, Antelope Valley Hospital and the Antelope Valley Transit Authority.

We must continue to work safely, especially during these hot days. While working outside wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), safety vests, masks, and leg gators, it can become difficult to move freely and sometimes to breath. Take care and stay hydrated. Take breaks when needed. Be aware of heat stress and heat stroke. Know your surroundings and where your brothers and sisters are working in case of an emergency.

We continue to work on securing a LAQSP class. We now have enough members and need to enroll on-line to process the paperwork. This class will be 32 hours and will count toward state certification.

I would like to sincerely thank our volunteers who worked so hard at our recently held picnic helping with the kids games or working the toy booth – Alfredo Torres, Jacqueline Torres, Stephen Joyner, Alexis Joyner, Leigha Joyner, Beto Gonzales, Sharon Gonzales, Emily Gonzales, Leslie Gonzales, Mike Kaminski, Chris Bonfilio, and Monroe Quarles.

I am looking for two volunteers who helped at our toy booth, Viviana Martinez, and Valerie Aguayo. If anyone has any idea who these young ladies are, please have them contact District 5. All our volunteers were instrumental in making the kids games a great success.

Do not forget our District 5 meetings are the second Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. Come on over to hear what’s going on, have some good food and enjoy the camaraderie. Thank you to our organizer Beto Gonzales, Business Representative Kris Mendoza, Apprentice Coordinator Alton Wilkerson, Contractor Liaison Ben Frank and all the members who help here in the High Desert.

God Bless you all.

In Solidarity,
Mitch Klein

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