District 4 Report — August 2022

Greetings Brother

Greetings from the hot valleys!

There is no better time than now to get into the new EVITP class. I urge all of you to get this certification. We will have a ton of work coming up that will require this certification!

Budweiser is planning to add a great deal more solar at their plant. Several of our signatory contractors are bidding on this project.

LAUSD and LACCD projects are employing many of our members. There is a multi-billion dollar bond for more construction at the community colleges currently in the works.

The District 4 Welfare Committee is preparing for the annual IBEW 11 D4 Chili Cookoff which will be October 15. The District 4 Welfare Committee is also co-hosting, with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a blood drive on November 1. Those who donate will receive a limited edition IBEW 11 Blood Drive pin and sticker. You can schedule your appointment to donate, stay for the Unit 4 meeting, and enjoy a great dinner all in the same night!

Stay hydrated and be safe on the job.

Marc Greenfield
Business Representative
IBEW Local 11, District 4

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