District 3 Report – March 2022

Hello from District 3

The job calls have slowed down a bit in District 3, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of work going on. I recently visited an El Segundo job site where CSI has started the second phase of a data storage project. This job looks to top out with about 25 members. I also visited the LAX ConRAC project with our newly appointed Sound & Communications agent, Christine Austria-Lozoya. Steward Mike Hawkins took us around to visit the members. Although Morrow Meadows’ work is nearing completion, we still have multiple contractors putting on the finishing touches.

A District 3 retired member sent me an article about an upcoming construction project at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. I’ll be visiting them to gather more information and will keep everyone updated.

On another note, negotiations are this year, and we are asking for your recommendations. You can send them to the Business Manager by visiting our website at IBEW11.org. Click on “Contract Proposals” and fill out the form. The deadline to submit proposals is April 11 for Inside Wiremen and June 3 for Sound & Communications. Not only do we want your recommendations, we need membership input. We need to send a message to the contractors that we are informed and engaged.

Lastly, a brother once told me that the dues receipt in your pocket makes you an IBEW member, but it’s how you conduct yourself on the jobsite that determines if you are a good brother or sister.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve the members of IBEW Local 11.

Mike Costigan
District 3 Business Rep

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