District 3 Report – October 2022

Hello from District 3, Although the work picture continues to be a little sluggish, there are projects in the pipeline around all of Los Angeles County. On the Westside, I recently attended the Hire LAX graduation where prior to the ceremony, LAWA’s new Chief Development Officer (CDO) held a presentation on the outlook for LAX. As we all know, LAX is currently in the middle of $14.2 billion in renovations and new construction. The CDO informed all trades in attendance that there is another $15 billion earmarked for the airport. Her team did a shallow dive into some of the future projects that included Southwest Concourse O, Terminal 9, the MSC South extension, a possible new LAX Hotel, and extensive civil road work around the area.

I also visited the new Los Angeles Chargers training facility. Rosendin is out there with a small crew doing some underground while the Iron Workers continue their buildout. As for the MTA Purple lines 2 and 3, all boring machines are turning and are expected to breach in early and mid 2023. Then the station buildouts will begin which will require larger job crews. So, as you can see, we have some sustainability on the Westside.


Mike Costigan
District 3 Business Agent

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