District 2 Report – June 2021

My Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone is well, working and looking forward to getting back to business as usual. We will be having our first in person general meeting this month, with all district meetings being in person again starting in July. 

The first District 2 meeting will be on July 7 at the new South Bay Hall. This will give anyone a chance to come by and see the new South Bay Hall if they have not been by yet. 

Work is staying steady throughout the Local. District 2 has work ongoing with the calls still a little slow in our area. It looks like there’s no slow-down in the work picture.  Calls go unfilled almost every week. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the July 7 District 2 meeting. 

Yours in Brotherhood,

Gary Tomlin
Dispatcher / District 2 Agent
(424) 999-2557
626) 375-5721

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