District 1 Report — January 2021

Here are some District 1 projects:

At 8th and Figueroa a high-rise hotel/condo project will soon be coming out of the ground. Rosendin Electric will be calling for electricians soon.

8th at Francisco is a 56-story high rise hotel/condo project with CSI Electric bending pipe. There is a small crew there now, as it is just coming to ground level.

The building at Pico and Figueroa is a SASCO project that is on the 9th of 37 floors. In the next month, they will start to build out hotel rooms.

The Lucas Museum is also a SASCO Project that has a lot of steel being installed. It is a monumental , multi-million dollar museum and will start to build out in early March, needing a lot of manpower.

HMT Electric has a high-rise hotel/condo coming out of the ground at New Hampshire and Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown. There will be a growing demand for manpower as the build out happens in the coming month.

As we celebrate Black History Month, let us remember the African American Inventor and Patent Draftsman Lewis Latimer who developed the patents for the Incandescent light bulb. He was also employed by Alexander Graham Bell to draft the drawings required to receive a patent for Bell’s Telephone.

Thank you for the Honor to be your District 1 Business Representative for IBEW LOCAL 11.


Shomari Davis
Business Representative
O: (626) 243-9718
C: (626) 786-9398 cell
Fax: (626) 792-3107

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