Thank Our Nation’s Heroes for their Service

By Mike Kufchak

Fellow veterans, we are fortunate to be among the 18 million Americans who have served in our nation’s armed forces. Despite the hardships of military life, we all agree that the honor of serving our country far outweighed its burdens.

It’s not unusual to hear Americans thanking veterans for their service, especially on Veterans Day. When we hear it, we smile and say “Thank you.” When we thank fellow veterans for their service, it’s a sign and display of respect that comes from our hearts.

For those who did not serve our nation, thank a veteran during this month that we celebrate our nation’s heroes.

Thank them for the many days and nights they spent away from family and friends. Ask them about their service. Most veterans are proud of their service, but some are reluctant to talk about it.

Thank them for their service. But even more than thanking them, think about the experiences that made them a veteran. Appreciate the hardships they and their families endured during their service. Think about all the homeless veterans who live day-to-day on the streets of our communities.

Take pride in knowing that we all stand alongside of fellow Americans who are willing to sacrifice everything for our freedoms.

Above all else, consider where our nation would be without them!

Fellow ceterans, we all take solace in appreciation for each other’s service during Veterans Day. But moreover, it was an honor to serve and protect our fellow Americans.

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