District 3 — August Report

Aloha from the South Bay Districts,

As for the work picture in the South Bay, although the quantities of calls are not what we are used to during the summer months, there is still a plenty of work out there as reflected by the availability of under 200 inside wireman. And even as the stadium continues to wind down, there are multiple projects that keep Local 11 humming along. Most notably, refineries which will be calling out for several shutdowns over the period of the next few months. And FYI: Marathon Refinery will be requiring a TWIC card starting September 11th. Schools such as LAUSD and our local L.A. Community Colleges which approved a new $10 Billion budget are a good source of work. I do not have an exact number, but I know LAX has well over 500 members working out there. And of course, all the MTA projects we have out there in most of our districts.

So, please keep your eyes out for any of those projects, and make sure to keep up on your continued education. Remember, the more certifications you carry, the more opportunities you’ll have to catch a call.


Mike Costigan
IBEW Local 11
Business Representative
C: 310.503.5337

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