SoFi Stadium + Being Safe on the Jobsite


I hope all is well with you and your family as we navigate through these troubling times.

The Local Union remains open for business as well as most construction projects throughout Los Angeles County. The Local Union offices remain open to address your needs as union members.

I was out today at the SoFi Stadium project and spoke to most of the members on the job, assuring them of the employer’s commitment to keep things safe and continue to ensure sanitary working conditions. The project site looked immaculate and all workers were practicing social distancing. As you have heard, this is the most important aspect to slow the progression of this virus. Along with frequent hand washing and cleaning techniques we can defeat COVID-19 and hopefully get back to normal operations soon. I understand all your concerns and respect whatever decision you make, whether it be to go to work or stay at home.

Construction workers have been placed in the order as “essential workers”. Projects will not be shut down if they are safe, and we all do our part. Don’t gang up in groups, keep your social distance and try to bring your lunch from home so as not to congregate near the catering truck. Also, I would suggest not car pooling at this time as that exposes you to close contact with others. And remember, the law is allowing you to go to and from work only. Do not drive anywhere else except to get supplies or take care of your medical needs. Keep you and your family safe by following all protocols required to protect you from this disease.

Due to the order banning social gatherings and meetings, all unit, district and the General Membership Meeting have been cancelled for the month of April.

You will be receiving in the next few weeks the new Working Agreements and the IBEW/NECA Drug Free Partnership books in the mail. The major change in drug testing is the elimination of hair follicle testing and the compensation of your time to go to the clinic to test. A stipend of $75 will be processed for you by the LMCC and sent to your mailing address on file with the Local Union. This is the importance of notifying the Union of any changes to your address or phone number.

I keep all of you in my thoughts and will do all I can to represent and serve you.


Joel Barton

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