From the President

Brothers and Sisters,

I need to talk to you about “controlling the narrative”. It is human nature to have an idea, express yourself, voice an opinion and “step up your game”. As much as everyone is encouraged to participate and get involved, there are some things we need to be of one voice and one mind. We need to be aware of who is listening and that “sometimes some things are better left unsaid”. This message isn’t an attempt shut you up however it is advise that perhaps you should ask questions of those in whom you put in charge of managing the various operations of the local union and not just a general question “at large”. Your local union is trying to design a plan on how best to accomplish the task at hand and we need everyone “on board” willing to listen and follow the direction. Success will depend on how we all work together and get the job done.

This is new generation of union activism. Everyone is becoming more aware that just sitting and waiting for the union leadership to do it all isn’t enough. We need activism, but we need to work together in solidarity. Your elected leadership has asked everyone to call the business agents and organizers to volunteer and inform. Let’s keep our contract negotiations off social media and just between each other. Let’s talk with one another and see what will work best. Going out on your own might seem like a great idea but we all should have a “warning light going off in our heads” telling us to wait a minute, let’s check and see what repercussions this action might have and will it help us get the results we all are trying to achieve. Now, more than ever, we need to be “solid” and stick together!

In Solidarity,
Rusty Roten
President, IBEW Local 11

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