President’s Message — May 2020

Brothers and Sisters, 

As you are all aware, we’ve been dealing with something that nobody was prepared for. In pursuit of protecting our membership and trying to operate as “normal” as possible, our administration has been making contact with you all by all means of communication. E-mail blasts, jobsite visits, phone calls and even text messaging have all been utilized and often. 

When social distancing was established then all were encouraged to comply. On most jobsites there is daily temperature testing before jobsite entry and increased P.P.E. face coverings have also been given out by our union on many job locations. Where the job has been shut down or the member has self-quarantined, members have reached out and we are supporting one another. 

Our union has recently increased the supplemental unemployment benefit for those members who contributed to this benefit program. The benefit application is available on the health trust website and improvements are being made to address various issues. 

Most recently, the union had a food giveaway for any members in need. This is just another example of how we reach out to support one another. 

The job picture is still strong. If you wish to workthen jobs are available. If you are staying home, then you should know that your union benefits are in full operation and all support mechanisms as much as possible are in place to meet your needs. Be safe, do good work and let’s lead society by example.

Thank you for the privilege to serve this great union.

Rusty Roten 

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