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Sisters and brothers

Did you know that the By-Laws of Local 11 have specific language in them regarding your dues receipt? When you’re sworn into membership someone (if not me) usually explains the importance of keeping your dues receipt current and carrying it on you while on the job.

Article X, Section 9 (g) states: “Members, except those on check-off and Civil Service, must have their current dues receipt in their possession on the job”. This is important for several reasons. It is the proper and true way for one member to know and identify another member. From what local union they might be from. Establishing friendships and making connections. If it causes you to have a feeling of being part of something special well, that’s good too.

Article IX, Section 2 (b) states: “Duties of the Steward shall be: (b)to see that Union membership is encouraged and all workers at their respective shop or jobs have paid-up dues receipts or valid working cards of the Local Union”. So, the Steward is charged with seeing that everyone is following the rules.

Your dues receipt does provide you with certain benefits. You must present it to the Credit Union (LAEWCU) in order to open a Credit Union account. The credit union offers all regular banking services without the usual bank managing/handling fees and only members of IBEW 11 (and their family) can join the credit union.

Your dues receipt also provides a death benefit ($6,250.00 to your beneficiary as an active member) and a small pension benefit ($4.50 credit for each year you pay your January thru December dues) so staying current is also important.

When a meeting is held, only members with a paid-up dues receipt can vote. When a special called meeting is held (for money allocation or contract ratification, etc.) your dues receipt is checked before entering the meeting and stamped if a voting ballot is given to you. There is a level of exclusivity in having an IBEW dues receipt.

Remember, you are a member of the IBEW! Be proud of that fact and as you pursue your career, encourage other members to also be proud! We all are part of something special!


In Solidarity,
Rusty Roten

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