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How do I become a Union member or Union employer?
Call (626) 243-9702.

What is the phone number for next days dispatch?
(323) 517-9618.

What does the future work picture look like?
Local 11 contractors have many large jobs ongoing now and many jobs that are in bidding and planning stages, increasing job opportunities.

How do I let the Union know I’ve moved?
Fill out the change of address area on your dues return envelope. You should also contact your Unit office, Health and Pension, and Credit Union office.

How do I get a R.S.O. card?
Contact ASAP Drug Solutions for details. Call: (562) 624-2720.

What is the rate for Swing/Graveyard shifts?
For Inside Wireman: Swing = Straight time 17.3%, for 8 hours pay & benefits; Graveyard = Straight time 31.4%, for 8 hours pay & benefits. For other agreements: Ask the Business Representative that works for your group/classification.

When does dispatching start?
For those classifications not telephone dispatched, members already registered (ON THE BOOK) must sign the ‘DAYBOOK’ before 8:00AM to be eligible for dispatch that day. Local 11 dispatching starts at 8:30AM.

What are the hours to sign the Book(s)?
Members 7:30-7:45AM & after dispatch till 4:30PM (but not between 12 to 1PM), Travelers 1:30-3:30PM in the Metro Office.

What is a short job?
A short job is any job posted as 120 hours or less.

Why can’t I find my name on the Book(s)?
The Book(s) are in chronological order, sign-in dates & times are printed in order on the Book(s) & on your “Out of Work” registration form. If you still can’t find your name, be sure to ask the dispatcher before Dispatching starts.

When is the next Roll Call?
All Groups, except Apprentices, shall Roll Call/Re-sign monthly beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of each month between 7:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., except during dispatch or lunch. Updated ‘Out-of-Work Registers’ (Books) will be in effect the first normal workday following the Roll Call/Re-Sign period

Why were there more calls posted than on the job line?
The job line is provided as an indication of upcoming work. Local 11 will never  engage in a policy that would cost: a member a day’s pay, the employer a day’s work force, the customer a day’s business.

Where should I go to get a Travel Letter?
You can go to any Unit office.

What classes does the I.B.E.W. Local 11 & the ETI offer?
Electrical Training Institute, (Electrical Training link to the left)

I have questions about my International Pension and/or Death Benefits, withdrawal procedures, who do I call?
Please contact our Pasadena office. Call: 626-243-9700.

I have questions about my Local pension and/or Health Plan(s), who do I call?
Contact the Health & Pension Trust. Call: 323-221-5861.

What other Locals have work & is a Travel Letter required?
You need to ask these locals directly as things change quickly in our trade. We suggest you buy an IBEW Local Union Directory (Tramp Guide) and call them or search the website.

I need to change my beneficiary(s). Who do I call?
Contact the Unit you belong to.

What’s happening with the studio work?
IBEW Local 40 has this jurisdiction. Call: 818-762-4239.

How much are my dues?
For most construction job classifications 3½% of gross pay.

If I should need help with my dues, because of illness or not being able for work, where can I get help?
Contact your Unit’s Welfare Committee.

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