District 1 North Report — September 2023

Greetings from District 1 North. I hope this report finds you and your families well.

Temperatures remain high as summer slowly fades. Please stay hydrated, and watch out for your Brothers and Sisters on the job. Work in the area is still moving slowly. Our two larger LAUSD projects at Lincoln High School (Rosendin) and Burroughs Middle School (Taft) are progressing. The residential project at Sunset Blvd. and Western Ave. being done by SBE is starting to move. There are now two tower cranes in place, and they have picked up a few members in multiple classifications.

We are still moving along with Metro, with various contractors at Purple Line 1, as well as Proposition HHH residential work and other smaller LAUSD projects. Each of these projects has hired a few people here and there but nothing substantial yet. Stay safe and be well, and always feel free to reach out to me via email, phone, or text.

Brett Moss
(626) 379-0651

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