District 6 Report — June 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters,

Here’s the latest and greatest from the pre-job conferences I’ve attended to protect our work: 

  • Wedgeworth ES Portable Job, Hacienda-La Puente S.D. 
  • Mountainview S.D. Mont Vista underground utilities. 
  • Rancho Los Amigos So. Campus Sports Center. 
  • Whittier S.D. DC Integrated work scope wire mold, cat 6, fiberoptic, and electrical. 2 schools, Mills, East Whittier. 
  • Mt. SAC  modular relocation job. 
  • Montevista S.D. start this month Parkview and Mont Vista 
  • La Mirada H.S. Stadium R+M Electric/Telenet starts next month, two new buildings. Demo old field and buildings and build stadium, new buildings, underground and lighting as well as all electrical. 

Current Jobs in D6 Presently and Job Walked:  

Queen of the Valley/Baker, Apollo, Briggs, Irwindale Brewery J/P, Carrol, CLE. Gregg electric in Azusa finishing up. M/M legacy finishing up. Walton Electric in El Monte still going. Mass will need help soon on the Gold Line Extension. 

Negotiations are under way; I strongly encourage you all to attend when notified! Bring a brother/sister and do the responsible thing, Vote! Keep working. 

I have been working with other BAs and with our Safety Officer Mike Costigan and Boston’s Jay Frasier from Local 103 

Contact me for your Service Pin/Cert and if you want a presentation or if you want it mailed to your home. 

ETI classes are available to sign up online at www.laett.com or in person at the ETI. 

It’s good to see the District 6 Welfare Committee getting active. Good job, new committee members! 

I want to give thanks to all who step up to be of service to your local union and to the needs of District 6. I commend you all. 

Jacob Troncoza
Business Representative
District 6

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