District 3 — September Report

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The work picture in District 3, as well as Local 11, is still going strong. As a few projects are slated for completion next year, there are new projects starting to ramp up which should keep our Local going strong for the near future.

As stated before, LAX has already been investing it’s $14 billion worth of renovation money, with the CONRAC and People Mover projects starting up, not to mention all the work that our local refineries are providing. If you haven’t already done so, get that RSO cert in your wallet. Refineries are good long-term work.

On another note, I want to reach out to each and every member. Having spent 33 years in the field working for multiple contractors, I know the frustration and the effects the day to day grind can put on us. And sometimes those frustrations are job related. If you run into an issue at work and are not sure if your rights are being violated, I encourage you to contact your Business Representative. The CBA, PLA, and state laws are there to protect you. A lot of times these protections can be misinterpreted, and even though a co-worker may have the best intentions, your Rep can give you the proper interpretation. Our Business Manager has made it quite clear to his staff, we work at the pleasure of the members, so never hesitate to reach out. And as always, I want to thank all the stewards in local 11 who are out there working on your behalf.

Mike Costigan IBEW Local 11
Business Representative
C: 310.503.5337

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