Unit 14 Civil Service Report – July 2023

Following are current contract negotiation updates:


Negotiations over issues from the one-year contract continue. I hope to have more substantive information soon. Negotiations for the successor MOU begin later this year.


After an extended wait, LAUSD members were rewarded with an historic contract totaling over 26 percent over a four-year period. These raises will place our members on equal footing with our other public sector members in terms of pay and benefits. I appreciate your patience! Please continue to be patient while LAUSD processes the retro pay and salary adjustments.

For more information, please attend our monthly Unit 14 meeting on the fourth Thursday of every month at 5 pm. Please also feel free to contact me at (626) 712-4769. Or email me directly at arida@ibew11.org.

Luis Arida
Civil Service Business Representative
(626) 712-4769

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