District 1 South Report — July 2023

Hollywood Park has several upcoming projects. Two parking structures to be built in the SOFI PARKING LOT are coming very soon. One is finishing at the end of July, and the other two will then start. Right now, COSM is an Immersive Theater being built by SASCO ELECTRIC. There will be more manpower needed as the project moves further along. Two hotels are planned for the SOFI PARKING LOT, as well. The INTUIT DOME/CLIPPERS ARENA will need more manpower as more systems come online. GECTWO is doing all the broadcasting for the project. ZELLER ELECTRIC is doing the power for the Oculus and will also need more manpower. Look for other calls to be coming, as well. It is an honor to serve the IBEW Local 11 membership. Be well.

Shomari Davis
Business Representative District One South

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