District 6 Report — February 2023

Hello, brothers and sisters. I hope you are keeping safe and are staying in good health. District 6 has multiple jobs that have been called at Dispatch. Mt. San Antonio Collect (Mt. Sac.) has had much work with many Union Contractors on-site. There will be more Union jobs to come there. Queen of the Valley Hospital electrical is still continuing, as does HLPUSD work in our district, with more to come soon.

We have been attending Pomona/Pasadena City Council meetings, and we will need volunteers to attend as we capture and chase projects.

Many thanks to all who participate and help our Union efforts. I want to personally thank our long-term members who have paved the way for us as officers, members as well as our activists. Take good care, and may God bless the Union and all of you.

Jacob Troncoza
Business Representative
District 6

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