Political Director’s Report – November 2022

Midterm Election Victories: ULA, School Bonds and More

By Antonio Sanchez, Political Director

The midterm elections are behind us, and although the results are not certified, there are clear winners. I am most excited to share that our United to House LA measure (ULA) in the city of Los Angeles received about 58 percent of the vote. We needed 50 percent plus one for approval. Moving forward, everyone will benefit from the construction of new housing units built by IBEW (and other building trades unions) because we cared enough to vote “Yes” on this measure.

Measure ULA will change Los Angeles for the better by helping renters and seniors stay in their homes and assist people experiencing homelessness. And it’s worth repeating: the new housing will be built union!

Thankfully, billions of dollars in school renovation bonds were also approved. These bonds are important because they provide funding for facility upgrades at our public schools and send steady jobs calls into the hall, even in a recession. Voters approved $5.3 billion for the Los Angeles County College District, $1.7 billion for Long Beach USD, $425 million for Cerritos Community College, $375 million for Santa Monica College, $350 million for Compton USD, and $120 million for Palmdale USD. These districts either have an existing project labor agreement (PLA) or they will have one. And that results in local job calls for you, our members.

Overall, there will be many new faces on our city councils, school boards, and the other locally- elected positions. Know that I and your Local 11 staff will focus on building relationships with those newly-elected officials. Our goal is always to create more work for IBEW members.

Visit https://electionresults.sos.ca.gov if you want to see the results for state candidates and visit: https://results.lavote.gov/#year=2022&election=4300 if you want to see the result of a local election.

I have many reasons to be grateful. Being part of this local is one of them.

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