District 1 South Report — February 2022

Intuit Dome, the Clippers arena, is two Jobs in One. Apollo Electric is doing the massive parking structure on the southwest corner of Prairie and Century.  On the southeast corner is the Intuit Dome, a 40-foot hole. In that hole, SASCO Electric is installing the single line. Touchstone Electric is installing the temporary power. CSI Electric will do the interior systems once the structure starts to take shape. On Target is scheduled to install fire alarm pathways.

NFL Retail is being completed by SASCO Electric. It still has no tenants attached to the large development that includes theaters, retail and restaurant spaces. It’s all ready for tenants to move in and start building the interiors!

Belvedere Middle School is a massive LAUSD school project. Rosendin Electric is on the project and will need to increase manpower in the coming weeks.

L.A. Southwest College is building a new Student Union building which is in its very early stages. They are still moving dirt around and have finished the temp power. Look to this project in the coming months for added manpower.

Weingart Tower is a new high-rise in downtown L.A. that is 38 stories tall and is just getting the temporary power complete. SASCO Electric is performing the work there.

6th and San Julian is a low-rise six-story residence in downtown L.A. that has been awarded to Taft Electric. It is in the very early stages, having just finished some of the temp power. It will be needing more manpower soon.

South Gate Educational Center in South Gate is a $90 million project for new administration and classroom buildings. Cupertino Electric is the primary electrical subcontractor. First Fire Systems is performing the fire alarm installation. They are still doing earthwork on the project, and it’s moving along and will need manpower in the coming weeks. It is indeed a pleasure to serve IBEW Local 11 membership, and we will have more work coming in District 1 South.

Shomari Davis
Business Representative District One South  

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