District 2 Report — August 2021

My Brothers and Sisters,

Work is still a little slow here in the D2 area, outside of the refinery calls.

If you don’t have your RSO-20 and/or TWIC and would like to work the refineries, please get these ASAP. You’ll get the fees reimbursed and a stipend from the Union. Just a side-note on the TWIC: It also works for the TSA PreCheck for airline flights.

Currently at Dispatch: For the Shultz calls at Marathon, we will accept a paid receipt for the TWIC card as the requirement of the TWIC card itself. Also, if you don’t have the RSO-20, you can take the call as long as you sign up with OSCA on the same day. They’re doing the hair follicle test and background check, so while OSCA is doing this, it gives you time to get the RSO-20 classes completed.

The contractor is not paying for your time while taking the RSO classes — the only time they pay for is while you’re at OSCA taking the required drug/alcohol test, plus any site-specific training you will need.

If you have any questions on this regarding dispatch, please call me at (626) 375-5721. If you have any questions regarding the job itself, please call Manny Solis at (626) 318-7442.

As discussed previously, Gregg Electric will have a few large-scale projects coming in the near future at the Long Beach Airport: one for Amazon and one for a company that builds rockets and will include the world’s largest 3-D printer.

There’ll be a new water treatment facility being built in Torrance, probably sometime in early 2022. It still has yet to go out for bid, but it is covered under a PLA.

Don’t forget to apply for your free tickets on the Local 11 website for this year’s picnic. It will be held on October 23 at the same venue as our last event: the Hollywood Sports Facility in Bellflower, located at 9090 Somerset Boulevard.

As our job site environments seem to change frequently these days, please call with any questions. Currently, we’re starting to see owners, builders/developers, and General Contractors asking that the manpower on the job sites be vaccinated.

We are continuing to have the District 2 monthly meetings at the South Bay Hall at 5 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month. Stop by the next one on September 1, enjoy some good food, and share some stories with other Brothers and Sisters you might not have seen in a while.

As always, Dave Grabowski will be there with Robert Diaz and Joe Herrera, and they’ll have t-shirts and raffle items to support the District 2 Welfare. Come see what’s new.

As always, it is an honor and pleasure to serve this membership as your District 2 Business Agent.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Gary Tomlin
Dispatcher / District 2 Agent
(424) 999-2557
626) 375-5721

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