District 3 Report – August 2021

Hello from the South Bay District 3.

As we move towards the end of summer, work is still booming on the Westside as well as all over L.A. County. I have been visiting multiple jobs with multiple messages.

First and foremost, safety. I’m hoping that everyone is exercising their training by doing the right thing with regards to safety. Another message I am spreading is Union involvement. Hopefully you have taken the opportunity to join your Brothers and Sisters at one of the many sponsored events going on around our local. And, as always, joining us at your General and district meetings, while remembering that district meetings come with camaraderie and a meal.

But the biggest message we are spreading is regarding the recall of our friend and ally, Gavin Newsom. Hopefully, all IBEW members remember what the Governor did for us. By making us essential workers, he gave us the opportunity to make our own decision to work or not. He had our backs then, he needs our backing now. So, please join me by voting “NO” on the recall so we can continue to keep Los Angeles a Union Town.

A special shout out to all the Stewards in Local 11, specifically out here in District 3 — Matt Brown at the APM, Hector Navarro and Omar Calderon at Terminal 3 Delta, Mike Hawkins at the ConRAC, Ramon “Baby Ray” Juarez at the United Airlines Hangar, and Lawrence Kincherlow at the RS-X project. They deserve our respect. Please, everyone, have a safe and fun Labor Day, and I’ll see you out there in the field.


Mike Costigan
Business Agent, District 3
(310) 503-5337

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