Retiree Club Report — January 2021

I was asked by the Retirees Club to share my wife and my experience receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

We received our shots from Othena which is providing shots for men and women over age 65 and for health care workers. The shot was of the Moderna vaccine and we are scheduled to receive our second dose  on Feb. 10. We received our shots at Disneyland, but you need to make an appointment before you go. You need to bring proof of the appointment (paper or electronic) and ID to verify your age. Orange County is planning on opening four more vaccine sites in the immediate future and to provide up to 10,000 shots a day. We went on the first day as they were attempting to administer 3,000 shots. The process ran very smoothly. For additional information, go to or Othena site,

I received my shot in Orange County, but other counties are also providing vaccines. We made our appointment on Tuesday evening for a 2 pm appointment on Wednesday. When we arrived, they were an hour behind schedule. We entered the line at 2:45 pm and left at 3:50 pm. As proof of vaccination, they gave us a vaccine card plus at Othena they maintain an electronic record for you.

It may take you multiple attempts to get your appointment. Check with your county for vaccine information and locations.

Thank you, be safe and get your shot!

Al Etherton

PS: It didn’t hurt.

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