Sound & Communications — October Report

What a summer. A pandemic right in the middle of the biggest work boom we’ve seen in decades. The fires have the sky looking like something out of Blade Runner. Many of our brothers and sisters have done well, made lots of money with no place to go and spend it. Let me take this time to remind you, the Administration of local 11, past and present, put in a lot of time, effort and money to have as much of this new construction under PLA’s, Project Labor Agreements, and CWA’s, Community Workforce Agreements, as possible.

As I write this, we, as a unit, are preparing for the allocation information meeting. We, like the wiremen, will have options presented to us and will make our decision known through the Postal Service. Hopefully, you participated in the Zoom Informational Meeting and felt that your interests were taken into consideration. These are/were ideas brought forth by your brothers and sisters, and while it is unfortunate that an in person meeting is not possible at this time, the utilization of technology, the technology that we are responsible for, helps us to move forward.

We are seeing the work picture slow down, and as I write this, we have about 25 brothers and sisters on Book 1. There continues to be work at SoFi Stadium, and at the Performing Arts Center that is attached to the stadium. LAX is still going great guns with multiple contractors on that site. The People Mover will kick into gear early next year with about 100 members slated for the installation. Lots of LAUSD work continues with more work starting up in the High Desert area.

Stay safe, Play safe,

Chuck Webb
Business Agent
Sound & Communications

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