Sound & Communications — August Report

The job calls have slowed down, and some of our members are coming back from their COVID-19 break.

We have hundreds of fires burning here in California, dueling hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and a Presidential election coming up. I know how easy it is to turn off the TV, radio and computer; go to work, go home, play with the kids and go to bed. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat. This pattern of avoidance must stop! We need leaders. We need people to be aware of what is going on around them, understand how it affects them, their union and their retirement. Showing up is half the battle.

Showing up takes time away from many of the things that you might enjoy being a part of. Showing up for our union, however, is an investment in your future. Showing up means that you join in the debate over wages, insurance, ongoing education, your retirement and so much more. Showing up means that you help our new members formulate their attitude and growth within our union. Showing up is how you learn about the offices in our union and take part in our elections. Being a member of a democratic society means that you have a choice: You can sit quietly and be told what to do, or you can be an agent for change, a leader.

In the old days, the first quarter of this year, Local 11 had the General Meeting, held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, and unit meetings. Sound & Communications met on the 2nd Saturday of each month, and Inside Wiremen have their District Meetings spread throughout the month. The General Meeting is where the membership is informed on how their dues money is spent only after approval of the Executive Board. This is also a time when reports are given by the Business Manager, Organizing, Compliance and Political Departments. Members have a chance to ask questions and, under “Good of the Union”, make statements regarding our union. The Unit and District Meetings reinforce much of this, with the members being able to ask more questions of the Agents and organizers assigned to the Districts and Units. These meetings give members a chance to have some “one on one” time with the Agents and Organizers, a chance to discuss practices of a contractor, and provide information regarding a non-union contractor they have spotted working in the area.

Showing up is how you show your interest in being a part of our future. We keep looking for the next generation to show up, to educate themselves in our history and in the daily life of our union. Due to our size, Local 11 is the largest construction local west of the Mississippi River, we have the ability to push political agendas, to help shape our future. We believe that “Politics is the art of the possible”. Be part of the possible.

Work safe, Play safe.

Chuck Webb
Business Agent
Sound & Communications

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