Intelligent Transportation Report — February 2021

Hello to all Members of the Transportation Systems workforce and Railroad Unit 17, Sign Industries, Outfront Media, Concrete Corers and Certified Crane. I hope this early spring season finds you and your families well.

As Business Manager Joël Barton and Local 11 President Rusty Roten guide and lead us through these continued perilous and dark days, please continue to observe safety protocols and behaviors as recommended. There will be better days and outcomes ahead. If you or your loved ones have suffered any losses through this pandemic, I wish you peace and comfort in your days ahead. It is through responsible leadership that this Local and its members have gotten to this point, and we will be back to some normalcy soon.

As usual during this time of year, the work picture steadily picks up. The seasonal holidays have past and during the spring and summer ahead, you will see an increase of manpower needs in the Transportation Systems Work.

We continue to encourage applicants to apply for apprenticeship, and ongoing efforts of the ETI. Local 11 will add new applicants to this program if it is through someone you refer.

Local 11 has been approached by potential new signatory contractors as they come from their marketplace into ours and organizing is ongoing.

As always should you have any questions, please contact me:  or (626) 255-2706 cell, call or text.

In closing, I remind you again to continue to be safe.



Patrick Owens
Business Representative

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