District 2 — April Report

As we are still in these crazy times, remember to stay safe and practice all the protocols in place. If the job site you’re on doesn’t have the proper restrooms, wash stations, etc., ask the General Contractor to please put these in place, or contact the Agent or Organizer in the area to come out and help out. We need to make sure we keep working and not give any reason for the jobs to be shut down. Many other cities around the country have shut down construction entirely, so we are blessed to keep working if you so desire.

The job calls are still a little slow through all this, and hopefully middle of next month things will start to get back to normal.

The Business Manager has been making rounds to job sites throughout Los Angeles County to talk with members and answer any questions/concerns they may have. If you would like him to come out to one of the jobs you’re on, that we have not been to, please feel free to call me so we can try and set that up.

Gary Tomlin
(562) 537-5763

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