Political Director’s Report: Make a Difference With Precinct Walks!

Long Beach USD recently approved a PLA worth about $400 million Pictured: Celina Barron, Tommy Faave, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, IBEW 11 Political Director Antonio Sanchez and Hoang Nguyen.

Hi Everyone,

I am recruiting volunteers to walk a for a couple of campaigns. All the details can be found here.

Ideally, Kevin De Leon wins the primary with over 50 percent of the vote and we will have our new LA City Council member for CD14. Why is this important? Kevin is a close friend of ours and is still going places, he created millions of work hours for us with several of the bills he passed in the State Legislature. It’s also important because CD14 represents all of downtown Los Angeles (and we know there is a ton of work in downtown).

The other person we’re walking for is Tonia Reyes Uranga. Tonia was on the Long Beach City Council years back and is running for Long Beach USD. Her husband is currently on the council. Long Beach USD SHOULD be approving a PLA tomorrow that includes about $400-$600 million dollars of construction work.

FINALLY – I want to make an impression and need to show up with at least 15 people each day. When can you join me? To the new staff, precinct walking is a great experience!!!!!!

Please post the information in the halls and distribute to your networks. I will follow up. Thank you!

Antonio Sanchez
Political Director

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