District 3 — June Report

Hello from District 3. Not much new to report on the work picture. As many of you know, District 3 has its share. As stated before, if you find yourself out of work, get back out there. Don’t let these good times pass you by. As for the ratification update meeting, I was proud to see the number of members in attendance. I know some members were disappointed that there wasn’t anything to vote on, but this is a process. You as the members sent a clear message to the contractors, that we are energized and engaged. You, the membership, added fuel for our negotiating team by coming out in mass. I’m looking forward to the next ratification meeting and seeing all the proposals brought before us. Please make every effort to attend. As important as the last meeting was, the next one is much more important. And finally, continue your education. The more classes you take, and the more certs you collect, the more valuable you become to the contractors.

Mike Costigan
District Three Business Agent

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