District 3

It’s an exciting time work wise in District 3. We have multiple high profile jobs going on right now, not to mention the jobs in the very near future.

LAX has near if not over 300 members working there currently. Midfield satellite concourse has multiple contractors working there including Helix, which is calling directly from local 11. Morrow Meadows has over 100 members working at T-2 on graveyard shift. We also have the LAX/Crenshaw line tying in the Expo and Green line. Technically in both District 1 and 3. And of course the Rams Stadium which is also technically in District 1, but geographically right next door. And just around the corner are the LAMP and CONRac projects at LAX.

Any members not working are encouraged to get off the sidelines and get in the game.

Mike Costigan

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