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Vote ‘NO!’ On the Anti-Union Recall!

Out-of-state millionaires who want to roll back worker protections in California are funneling big money into a campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept. 14. We are urging all IBEW 11 members who care about their jobs and their futures to vote “NO!”. If these anti-union forces are successful, we’ll lose many of the hard-fought gains we’ve made on higher wages, job creation and safety on the job.

The recall backers are part of a national network of anti-union interests that includes billionaire and millionaire funders who attack prevailing wages, project labor agreements, union jobs, pensions, minimum wage laws and voting rights. Under Gov. Newsom, we’ve secured major gains for IBEW members: project labor agreements, health and safety protection, electric vehicle infrastructure and higher wages. All these are at risk if the recall goes through.

You should have received your ballot in the mail. If you didn’t, call 916/653-6814 for a new one. Don’t be fooled by these anti-union special interests. Be sure to Vote “NO” on this misguided and wasteful recall! For more information at what’s at stake go to: www.NoAntiWorkerRecall.com.

Need Convincing?

Here’s 7 Great Reasons To Vote No On The Recall

Jobs Sustained During Pandemic

Gov. Newsom designated our union and other Building Trades as essential workers so we could feed our families, while many industries were shut down.

Key Political Appointments Made

Gov. Newsom appointed key pro-union members to the PUC, Contractors State Licensing Board and other commissions that we can’t afford to lose.

Clean Energy Jobs Created

Gov. Newsom has signed pro-worker bills prioritizing clean energy jobs that pay prevailing wages.

EV Infrastructure Expanded Dramatically

Gov. Newsom expanded the State’s EV Infrastructure, plus included $1 Billion for new charging stations, all covered by prevailing wages.

Proudly Standing With Workers

Gov. Newsom has expanded sick leave, signed legislations to crack down on corporations cheating workers of basic protections and our ability to join a union.

Union-Hating Millionaires Contributed $15 Million to Recall

A national network of anti-worker Millionaires and Billionaires have contributed Big Bucks to this campaign to attack your prevailing wages, PLAs, pensions, and more. Check out the list here.

Say ‘NO!’ to Rolling Back Workers Protections

Don’t be fooled. This recall is backed by people who only care about increasing their profits at your expense. Vote ‘NO!’ on this Anti-worker Recall.


No! on Recall Solidarity!


Special Message from IBEW 11

Volunteers Needed

In addition to voting NO on the recall, we need your help contacting other union members and urging them to vote no. IBEW Local 11 has committed to phone banking every Tuesday until Election Day.

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No On The Recall

IBEW 11 Members Speak Out:

Governor Newsom has helped and supported IBEW 11 in so many ways. He has been a proponent of racial diversity and we’re really pleased to see that’s having a good effect on our members, our customers and contractors.
Rusty Roten
President, IBEW 11
The governor made us essential workers during the pandemic. Because of him we were able to work, put food on the table, pay our rent, our mortgages and provide for our children. My son has MS (multiple sclerosis). Because of the governor, I have insurance and can provide for my son. Without his medication, I don’t know what his longevity is going to be. I can’t take the chance of someone else coming in with an anti-worker agenda.
Christina Austria-Lozoya
Reporting Secretary, IBEW 11
We need to defeat this misguided recall. If he’s recalled, we will lose everything. Governor Newsom has done so much for IBEW across the state. The future is the green economy and he’s helped create good paying union jobs for us electricians. He supported us during COVID. He deemed us as essential workers and kept us safe on the job. He has had our backs and now it’s time for us to have his back.
Joël Barton
Business Manager, IBEW 11
Right now the right wing is very opportunistic – using COVID to try to replace our pro-union Governor with a conservative anti-union right-winger. This fight is essential to us as unionists. We are the last line of defense for working folks. Period. Politicians come and go but we’re the lasting institutions in this country. Our union continues to help the local economy. We were able to finish work on essential projects that are crucial to make LA run.
Francsico (Paco) Arago
Journeyman/Inside Wireman, IBEW 11
One of the monumental things Governor Newsom did is he kept me and my members working so that we could support our families. It doesn’t get bigger than that. We were earmarked essential workers because we do all of this construction on public and private projects all over LA County — the Metro projects, all of the community colleges, all of the high schools. And we have to keep that going. Our members keep the County running and Newsom supports us.
Shomari Davis
Business Rep, IBEW 11
I’m against the recall because I want to keep these right-wing anti-union people from taking power. Newsom believes in working people. He’s for unions and for a better standard of living for all of us. He believes that everyone deserves a chance and that we’re all in this together. That’s why I want us to do everything we can to keep him as governor. We really are essential workers. You can’t stop electrical work from continuing during the pandemic, especially when you have all these outages and shortages.
Mitchell Klein
Business Rep, IBEW 11
We are backing Governor Newsom because he really had our back, especially during the pandemic. He gave us new protocols that allowed us to work safely and take precautions. He took care of us. I give him kudos for stepping up and having our backs.
King Moore
Outreach Director, IBEW 11