More Support for Our Out of Work Members

Dear IBEW 11 Members,

As your Business Manager, I am committed to keeping you informed and involved in the continuous development and betterment of our union.

This month, we made significant progress in enhancing the financial support available to our members during times of unemployment.

After thoughtful discussions with NECA, we are pleased to announce an increase in our sub-plan benefits.

Beginning May 1, 2024, Journeymen who were previously receiving $100 will now benefit from an additional $100, bringing their total to $200 weekly. Apprentices who were previously receiving $50 will also benefit from an additional $100 bringing their total to $150 and Apprentices attending mandatory weekly day classes will also see an increase from $200 to $300 per week. This adjustment ensures that our sub-plan remains sustainable while providing more substantial support to our members when they need it most.

On another note, as Business Manager / Financial Secretary, it is my responsibility to guard the finances of the Local Union. With that in mind, with some recent reductions and task mergers, there will be a cost savings to the members of approximately $1.2 million a year.

I want to invite you to take part in our upcoming Allocation Meeting and let your voice be heard about the distribution of funds for your benefit.

Your participation in Union activities is crucial. My duty as your representative is to ensure that every member, not just those who can attend meetings or participate actively, has their opinions heard and valued. This year, the vote will be only in person, and I hope you will attend.

Part of our work as a Union is to install sophisticated communication technology infrastructure, and I believe it is only fitting that we leverage such technology to make our union more inclusive and accessible.

That’s why I support using all the tools available to that end, including electronic voting in future allocation decisions. This method has proven to be a success, significantly increasing participation. You can also look for an app for your smart phone that will allow us to better communicate with the membership. We will be doing a soft rollout soon with the full implementation in the near future. It’s essential that we continue to advocate for and utilize these tools to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Another example is an innovative update to our job call system. Based on feedback from many of you, we are looking to add hyperlinks directly to the zip codes associated with each job listing. This new feature allows members to quickly and efficiently view the zip codes that are required in order to take the job, from the comfort of their homes.

This enhancement not only simplifies the process of finding work but also exemplifies our commitment to using technology to better serve our members. It’s a small change that makes a big difference in how we connect with and support each other every day.

On a personal note, the past four months, since I took over as Business Manager, have been a profound journey of growth and learning for me. Visiting job sites and engaging directly with many of you has been invaluable. Your feedback has led to tangible improvements. This is just one example of how your insights are shaping our union for the better.

As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, we operated under three core values: Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence In All We Do. I have always tried to implement these values throughout my 33 years as an IBEW member. Service Before Self is a principle that has deeply resonated with me in this role. I feel a profound responsibility to enhance our support and broaden our impact. This commitment extends beyond our local community as I engage with the state building trades and the LA Fed to advocate for the broader interests of working people.

My journey through various roles within our union—from organizer to Senior Assistant Business Manager—has equipped me with the tools and perspective needed to face the challenges ahead.

Looking forward, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to grow our membership and strengthen our agreements with contractors. This will not only improve our work picture but also allow us to reintroduce benefits that were previously discontinued.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation. Together, we will build a brighter, more secure future for all our members.

In Solidarity,

Robert Corona
Business Manager/Financial Secretary

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