District 6 Report — February 2024

Greetings from District 6! As your new District 6 Business Agent, my goal is to give the members the best representation possible.

I plan on doing this by visiting job sites, enforcing the agreements, securing our work, and being a reliable source of information for the members.

I know my experience as a steward, my staff training, and the Labor Studies classes I’ve taken at LA Trade Tech will all help me in my new position.

I know there’s a lot to learn, and I’m thankful that we have many experienced business agents that I can turn to when I have a question or need help on something.

My time so far as a Business Representative has been spent visiting job sites, attending pre-job conferences, learning dispatch, and being available for members in the dispatch hall, and taking calls. As always, it’s an honor to serve the members. 

Kelly Oliver
Business Representative
District 6

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