District 3 Report – January 2024

Greetings from District 3! We are expecting work to pick up here in our district in the New Year.

First off, we have Sasco moving forward with two large projects. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art redesign project has started calling for manpower, and there’s also a 37-floor high rise in Century City that is getting going. Fisk has also put in calls for the Purple Line 2 & 3 station buildouts. All three of these projects are considered long-term projects.

Rosendin has started the MSC South buildings along Westchester Parkway. They will build the concourse in multiple smaller buildings then truck them over to where they will attach them to the existing concourse.

Looking further down the line, they have started grading for the Terminal 9 project at LAX. Taft is also doing work here with the Airport Metro Connector as well as multiple school projects. I will be visiting a few projects looking to break ground in the future and will have more information next time.


Mike Costigan
District 3 Business Agent

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