District 3 Report – November 2023

I’d like to start my report by wishing all my Sisters and Brothers a happy and healthy holiday season.

District 3 has a few jobs that continue to move forward as well as a few new jobs starting up next year.

The project I’m monitoring is the new building going up in Century City on Constellation at a future MTA Station. We also have work continuing at LACMA where it’s been mostly rebar and concrete, but I’m expecting more members will be called to that job after the first of the year.

L.K. Comstock had a few calls for manpower for the Purple Line Project and is expected to call for more members during the next couple months.

Also, at LAX they have started grading for Terminal 9 and setting up the prefab area for the MSC South project. Make sure to get all the certifications you may be lacking. Don’t get stuck on the sidelines.


Mike Costigan
District 3 Business Agent

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