EAA Report — January 2023

EAA is hitting the ground running in 2023! In December 2023, contracts will expire for 5,200 of our members. This year will be dedicated almost entirely to negotiations and the process has already begun.

Over 1,200 members responded to the initial survey sent out from the Bargaining Committee. Results show that in addition to fair compensation and raises, many want to see improvement in their work-life balance, including flexibility with work schedules and time off.

EAA leadership will also focus on pay inequities that currently exist in some city classifications. Part of the negotiation process includes the Unit Councils reviewing proposals and assisting the members with their justifications, and documentation to support the ask. A membership-wide training on writing and justifying a city proposal will take place in early February, followed by the actual proposal submittal period.

Exciting times are ahead this year, and we look forward to reporting back with success.

Marleen Fonseca
EAA Executive Director

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