Unit 14 Civil Service Report – November 2022

The following are updates for contract negotiations.

LA City:

On November 5, the new one-year agreement with the City was ratified. There will be a 3% increase on your check starting January 1. You will also receive a lump sum cash payment equal to 5% of your yearly salary on July 26, 2023. We will resume negotiations early in 2023 for a successor MOU with the new administration.

LA County:

By now you should have seen your $1,375 signing bonus on your check along with the October 1 raise and retro. If you have not, please let me know as soon as possible.

For further information, please attend our monthly Unit 14 meeting on the fourth Thursday of every month at 5 p.m. Additionally, please feel free to contact me.

Luis Arida
Civil Service Business Representative
(626) 712-4769

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