Sound & Communications Report – September 2022

Manpower requests for sound journeyman are coming in slowly but surely. Keep up on certifications that will be needed to continue to take these calls. FLS, VDV, LAQSP etc. COVID vaccinations are a big part of these calls, so if you are not vaccinated, please understand that this may hinder you from taking a job call. Always try to prepare yourself and advance your knowledge and register for courses that may put you in a better position to be eligible to take these calls.

Preparing yourself for future work in areas that you may have not foreseen doing work in is in your best interest. For example, the ports, which would require you to obtain your TWIC card which is simply a thorough background check. Refineries may be another area that we encounter someday down the line. That would require you to obtain your RSO cert. Both are reimbursable and will take 4-6 weeks to receive payment. Submit payment receipt to our metro dispatch in Commerce. If you need further information, you can contact dispatch at (3230 517-9610

Manpower requests for sound apprentices are currently on the rise so that should give you a good indication that calls will be coming in and that work is and will be available soon.

Some of our members have taken the liberty of traveling and taking calls that are needed to be filled in other jurisdictions. San Diego Local 569, Riverside Local 440 and San Bernardino Local 477 are some of those areas.

As a reminder, if you do take a call from any other local, be aware that you need to file your ERTS paperwork so your benefits and fringes come back home. There may also be a difference in pay, so be mindful of these things.

Work coming up will include the Clippers Stadium (Intuit Dome) which will be needing all low voltage work, fire alarm, DAS, public safety, CCTV, access control, audio video, broadcasting, and public address.

Cedars Sinai in Marina Del Rey is another one that will be coming up. We will be sharing a portion of this project with a non-union electrical contractor, but on the flip side, all the low voltage work will be union. BEC and MMC may be a couple of the contractors that may take part in this project.

Alamitos Beach Concession Building in the City of Long Beach – First Fire Systems will be installing the fire alarm.

SEED LA Project: BEI, Trutech, Spinitar, and Albireo Energy are some of the contractors that will be performing low voltage work.

Metro Union station to Universal studios, CTS will be installing a new DAS and public safety system and demolishing the old one.

Apple Project in Culver City: MMC has taken over and will be completing this project.

Harbor UCLA in Carson – this will be a joint venture between MMC and Rosendin. They are currently still figuring out the logistics on who will be performing what work.

More work is up-and-coming and, as that information comes my way, I will keep you all informed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail.

Christine Austria-Lozoya 
(626) 437-1955 

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