District 1 South Report — August 2022

Jefferson High School is a $163 million project that has been awarded to ILB Electric and First Fire Systems doing the low voltage systems. It started in July 2022 and will be a very long project.

McKinley Elementary School is a $71 million project that looks to start its second through fourth phases. The first phase is being done by Baker Electric. Look for the second phase to start and continue until 2025.

L.A. Southwest College is just getting underway with the underground work. This $34 million project is being performed by CSI Electric.

Olympic and Hill Street Tower by the developer ONNI has been awarded to SASCO Electric. They have begun digging at the site and will be forthcoming with underground and deck work. Look for that in the coming months.

6TH and SAN JULIAN is still very early in stages awarded to Taft Electric Look for that in the near future.

It is a pleasure to serve as your District 1 South Business Representative

Shomari Davis
Business Representative District One South

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