IBEW 11 Endorses Rick Caruso for Mayor 


Caruso Has Strong Record on Labor Issues 

With our candidate dropping out of the race for Mayor of Los Angeles, IBEW Local Union 11 strongly endorses Rick Caruso to serve as our next Mayor. As President of the Department of Water and Power under Mayor Tom Bradley, and as President of the Police Commission under Mayor Jim Hahn, Rick Caruso has a long and successful record of cooperating with two of the largest employee unions in Los Angeles.  

As the sole owner of one of the largest and most successful private development firms in the country, Rick Caruso has regularly used the Building Trades and the IBEW on his largest projects, including the Americana in Glendale and The Grove in Los Angeles. Caruso has said that his project sites that produce the highest quality work and the safest workplaces are sites that are operated by the Building Trades Unions.  

Caruso knows how to build large projects, and Los Angeles needs a mayor who is going to find a way to build more affordable housing — not just for the homeless, but for middle class workers and their families. Our Union families need these new housing units to improve their quality of life, and our Union workers need to be the ones building them. Caruso alone, among all the other mayoral candidates, has the experience to get things built while also using Union labor.  

Rick Caruso also understands how to create jobs. He has created thousands of them, not only in construction, but also in small businesses that operate on his properties. Caruso promises to make job creation for our members and all workers a top priority.  

Caruso has enjoyed a long relationship with the women and men of IBEW 11 and its signatory contractors. Beginning with the Grove 20 years ago up to the recently-opened Miramar Beach Resort, IBEW electricians have provided an unrivaled level of service, skill reliability and accountability to his projects..  

The IBEW creates a competitive advantage for its signatory contractors due to its steadfast commitment to train its membership to the highest professional standards and provide them with the skills to efficiently and safely implement the complicated electrical and communications systems that modern businesses demand. Again, and again the result has been successful projects on time and under budget. The IBEW looks forward to continuing this relationship as we look to our next generation of projects.  

I strongly encourage all of our members to vote for Rick Caruso, our IBEW 11 endorsed mayorial candidate in this important election.  


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