District 1 South Report — May 2022

The 8th and Figueroa high rise is being worked by Rosendin Electric. They will be needing manpower for that project in the coming month.

Intuit Dome/Clippers Arena is moving forward and will be asking for more electrical workers. CSI Electric is doing the TI portion of the project while SASCO Electric is awarded the single line portion of the project. They will start to increase electrical workers next month.

Metro Division 20 in the Arts District is a Metro project where all the trains will transfer to different tracks. Fisk Electric is performing this work and will be there for a couple of years. It could be a very long call for any members who take it.

Kaiser Watts is a medical office building project that is in the very early stages of construction. They are just starting to do electrical in the bottom of the two-story underground excavation and they will need electrical workers in the coming months.

The South Gate Educational Center in Los Angeles is a huge LAUSD project that is doing soil remediation currently. It is a $90 million plus project. They will need members in June or July. Cupertino Electric is the electrical contractor, and First Fire Systems is doing low voltage systems.

Weingart Tower is a $116 million high rise Tower in Downtown LA that has been awarded to SASCO Electric. They are in the very early stages of construction and will need electrical workers soon.

6th and San Julian HHH Project is a six-story project for low income housing and Taft Electric is the electrical contractor on the project. They will need electrical workers in the coming months.

It is a pleasure to serve as your District 1 Business Representative.

Shomari Davis
Business Representative District One South

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