District 1 South Report — January 2022

The new prescription drug cards that arrived in December at your residence are to be used in the new year for prescription drug with your provider. For example, if you have Kaiser as your healthcare provider, then they will want you to purchase all your prescriptions from Kaiser pharmacy.

The Intuit Dome (Clippers Arena) is underway. The 40-foot hole is close to completion. SASCOElectric is performing the single line power for the project with a small crew so far. Touchstone is doing the temp power with a small crew and CSI Electric has not started yet, as they will be doing the TI and interiors of the project. Look for more calls to come from those contractors in the future.

The NFL Retail on the SoFi property is still looking for tenants for all the retail and theater space. A small outdoor bar is being built and one of the spaces is being looked at by the owner as a bar and restaurant. SASCO Electric has a small crew there but look for that project to gain some momentum once the tenant spaces start to be awarded.

Roosevelt High school has Neubauer electric performing the work there. They are making substantial progress, but still have a lot of work left.

Belvedere Middle School has Rosendin Electric and is a massive school project. There will be a lengthy call for that project. They just recently had some calls and will need more workmen in the future.

CSI Electric has been awarded the L.A. Southwest Student Union building and the temp power is being installed now. It will be from the ground up and will be a long project. Look for that project to man up soon.

Rosendin Electric has a high-rise project on the corner of 8th and Figueroa. It has a small crew now but will need more manpower to complete that project. Look for calls soon.

SASCO Electric has the Weingart Tower in downtown L.A. and will be building a new tower there. Some demo remains be done and it will need manpower to start that project soon. It’s located near 6th and San Julian.

Baker Electric is doing Ascot ES that’s still in its early stages and will need more manpower as the buildings start to form.

Taft Electric has a three-year project at Huntington Park High where many of the buildings are being demolished and rebuilt in phases. Look out for that project.

The SEED Project on Vermont and Manchester Blvd is a school that has housing for students and faculty. The contractor is

Touchstone Electric. One of the buildings has been half-built but the project has quite a way to go. There have been calls to this project, it will be lengthy.

Shomari Davis


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