Compliance Report — January 2022

Happy New Year.

December was a busy month for PLA pre-jobs with 48 conducted by various public agencies in L.A. County.  In the past, December has been an opportunity for upgrade work to be performed at educational facilities while students were out on break.  This year, that trend did not emerge as a lot of the work was performed during the general in-person school closures experienced during the last academic year. The

Large infrastructure projects continue to dominate the PLA work picture with LAX, LACCD, LAUSD, Metro and the Clippers Intuit Dome continuing to actively award electrical work. These large projects provide a roadmap for a strong, long-term work picture. I continue to direct your attention to the abundance of work being awarded by the City of L.A. under the HHH housing bond. All of this work is subject to prevailing wage laws, but a PLA does not apply to all of it.  If you have a question regarding the appropriate rate of pay on these housing projects, please contact your Business Agents.

Veronica Martinez

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