EAA Report — September 2021

Ordinance 187134 – The COVID-19 Vaccination and Reporting Requirement – was signed by the Mayor on August 20, and became effective immediately. It does the following for employees in the City of Los Angeles:

  • Makes reporting vaccination status a condition of employment.
  • Requires that all current and future employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Requires that all future contracts for work with the City of L.A. contain language mandating the contractor’s employees be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Includes language that may require booster shots in the future.
  • Allows for medical and religious exemptions
  • Testing out option is only being offered to those who qualify for an exemption.

Although EAA has a high vaccination compliance rate, the City workforce as a whole reflects otherwise. As of September 20, approximately 5,100 employees registered their intent to file a medical or religious exemption and only 55% of approximately 45,000 full-time employees have reported being fully vaccinated. EAA encourages members to get vaccinated, but we are fully committed to mitigating the consequences for those who choose otherwise.

City unions continue to negotiate the impacts of this new ordinance. In the duration, executive members of the City Council are being provided regular updates on employee compliance rates and are provided updated bargaining instructions in response. This may include proposals of discipline but have not yet. If the numbers don’t change drastically, the city will have some tough decisions to make.

Marleen Fonseca
EAA Executive Director

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