Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

It’s been 20 years since that horrific day when we woke up to the terrorist attacks on our country. At 5:45 am Pacific time the first plane flew into the World Trade Center, changing our lives forever. We stared in disbelief at the mind numbing images unfolding on our TV’s that morning.

On this solemn anniversary, let’s all stop for a moment of silence to honor our fallen brothers and sisters. 21 IBEW members perished in the Towers that day, along with another 40 of our building trades brothers and sisters. Hundreds more firefighters and police and some 2,500 everyday workers died as the buildings crumbled.

As a building trades leader, I am so proud that while most people were running away from the scene, thousands of our fellow construction brothers and sisters ran towards the collapsed tower to help rescue victims. And afterwards, 10,000 construction workers volunteered to help clean up the Ground Zero site, and thousands more worked to rebuild lower Manhattan.

Today is a day of remembrance. Let us remember those we lost that day – their courage, sacrifice and dedication .

We are proud. We are #UnionStrong

Joel Barton
Business Mgr

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